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Max            Daniel        Peyton         Isabelle

Dominic       Cosette     Elizabeth     Abby

Matthew     Henri        Aran             Hannah

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Jett          Henry         Leah

Ella           Kamden      Gabriella

What an amazing group of super seagulls! Our class will be utilizing the Responsive Classroom approach. The approach teaches children to be independent learners and more considerate people. Social skills such as cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self-control  are taught directly and indirectly through morning meetings. Teaching social and emotional skills is JUST as important as teaching academic content. We are focusing on cultivating  a community in which students are invested in each other's successes and struggles and not just their own and I am honored to be their guide.

Class Service Project

We appreciate any donations of hats, gloves, and mittens.

Collecting November 5th- November 26th.

Congratulations Abby- 1st place Reflections Winner

Halloween Fun!- Parading it up!


Federal Card Party-Bright Sun! :D


Please have your child send in Valentine's on February 14th. I have sent home a class list.

Important Dates

8/30- Open House-6:30pm

9/5- First Day- Welcome Back

9/12-PTA Meeting

9/28-Reflections Due (optional)

7:55-8:10- Unpack, Begin Morning Work
8:10-8:30- Announcements, Pledge, Homework Review, Morning Meeting
8:30-9:35- Math
9:35-9:50 -Recess
9:50- Bathroom Break
10:00- 11:20- Math/Science
11:20- 11:50--Lunch
11:50 -Bathroom Break
12:00Switch (Violette's Class)
12:00- 12:35-- Math
12:35- 1:20-- PE
1:20- 2:30- Math/Science
2:30- Switch
2:40- Dismissal
Monday-- Music-- 9:55- 10:35
Tuesday --Art- 8:20-- 9:00 am

Upcoming Events:


10/4- Deadline for Reflection Entries

10-8- Performance Task Project Due

10/9- Progress Reports Come Home

10/11- Wear Red-White-Blue- Spirit Day

10/18- Wear Red- White- Blue- Spirit Day

10/28- Federal Cards Home

10/29-- Picture DAY

10/30- Stem Activity with Room Mothers

10/31- Halloween Parade

11/5- Staff Day-- Conferences

11/11- Veterans Day- NO SCHOOL

11/12- Spirit Day-- Wear Red, White, Blue

11/13- Report Cards Come Home

11/19- Math Night

11/27- Adjusted Dismissal

11/28-11/29- Thanksgiving Holiday










                                 What's Going On In C-17?

  It is hard to believe it is already November. Time is flying and we are learning so much in cottage 17. Thank you to our magnificent room mother Susan Wilson for organizing our recent October Steam Event. The kids enjoyed each and every station. We appreciate YOU! Also, a huge thank you to our parent volunteers.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Steerman, Mrs. Spencer, and Mrs. Way.


Parents please don't forget about our upcoming field trip scheduled for MOCA on Wednesday, November 13th. Please ensure your child brings a bag lunch on this day. We will be eating at the center.

It was nice meeting with each of you on conference day. Thank you for coming in. I'm lucky to have such an amazing class of kids and parents. 

Please continue to encourage your child to do the following each week:


*practice multiplication and division facts- 

*practice 2 by 2 multiplication

*review weekly papers/tests

*study for upcoming science/social studies assessments using study guides (if one is assigned)

Things to remember:

*If your child is going home a different way, please send in a note. It will be forwarded to the office.

*Sign the Friday cover letter and have your child return each Monday.

Papers do not need to be returned.

Field Trip Information: Upcoming Trips (More to come)

MOCA-- Museum of Contemporary Art--

Sandler Center-- February














Steam Fun- Organized by Mrs. Wilson -- Thank you to parent volunteers- Mrs. Spencer, Mr. & Mrs. Steerman, and Mrs. Way 

Learning Targets

Keep Informed

Information regarding learning objectives and targets will be included in this section of our web page. Please review to stay informed.


Learning Targets of Review

*Place Value- to the hundred millions

*Comparing and Ordering Numbers to the hundred millions

*Rounding Numbers

*Goal Setting with an Action Plan

*Thrively -Strength Assessment(homeroom)

* Digital Portfolio Introduction (homeroom)

*Weather Instruments

*Four types of Clouds

* Describe different types of storms and precipitation

*Understand how to read a weather map

* High and Low pressure systems

*Cold and Warm Fronts

* Math Congress

* Identify Surrounding States of Virginia

*Identify and Describe Regions of Virginia

* Identify Water Features

* Differentiate between a demonstration and an experiment

*Interpret a model of a watershed

*Explain the importance of natural and cultivated forests

*Identify and describe Virginia's important mineral resources


Making Observations and Asking Questions- What's the difference between a demonstration and an experiment? What FUN we had with Mrs. Reidelbach-

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Virginia Beach, 23454


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